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 새로운 시장 확장을 위해 유럽 진출을 계획하시고 계시는지요?
 ERIC MARTIN INTERNATIONAL - EMI 에서는 귀사의 유럽 진출의  교두보가 될 프랑스 관련 무역업무와 주변 국가를 대상으로  한 총괄적인 무역 보조 업무를 진행해 드립니다.

 수입, 수출 양 분야에서 귀사의 성실한 현지 사무소 업무로 신속하고 효율적인 결과 창출에 최선을 다하는 ERIC MARTIN INTERNATIONAL - EMI 에 귀사의 새로운 사업 계획에 대한 문의를 해 보시기 바랍니다.
 축적된 노하우를 바탕으로 자세하고 성실한 답변으로 귀사의 문의에 답해 드리며 각 상황에 맞는 업무 진행 방식을 제시해 드립니다.

 E.M.I provides consulting, marketing and related services to many compagnies and organisations in France and Korea. Formed in 1994, E.M.I is one of the first compagnies in France to provide professional very specialized consulting, business development and support to small/medium size korean and french compagnies in many sectors. Today, we are recognized leaders in our activity.

 E.M.I is a real bridgehead in Europe for your Compagny. We can act as your liaison/representative office in France, also prospecting new customers for you in Europe, exploring and surveying the european market.
 Of course, both korean and french people constitute E.M.I's team.
 ERIC MARTIN INTERNATIONAL - EMI works directly with manufacturers and distributors of many specialized products seeking market research for products and services in France and Europe.

 ERIC MARTIN INTERNATIONAL - EMI provides assistance to companies desiring to expand existing markets, or to create demand for products in new market regions.
 Once ERIC MARTIN INTERNATIONAL - EMI Corporation has background information on your products, and knows your long term sales goals, research begins in a number of ways.
 Specific local market data is compiled. Then telephone contacts, one on one personal contacts, and focus group meetings are utilized. Other marketing intelligence is also gathered throughout this process. This information is compiled and is then generated into an extensive and confidential written report, that will allow you to determine the success of selling your product in a specific market region.

 Once a market research study has been completed, ERIC MARTIN INTERNATIONAL - EMI can provide further assistance through continued consulting. We can analyze future marketing plans, follow-up with a market assessment, and provide other services such as product knowledge training that would benefit your overall marketing needs.

 ERIC MARTIN INTERNATIONAL - EMI works directly with french and korean manufacturers and distributors seeking import and export marketing assistance, market research, and location of representation for their products in France and Europe.

 ERIC MARTIN INTERNATIONAL - EMI is not a direct importer or exporter, however, we provide assistance in linking potential buyers with manufacturers and distributors for long term business opportunities.

 ERIC MARTIN INTERNATIONAL - EMI utilizes it's extensive database to help companies locate buyers in many regions of France and Europe. Market research is provided to help manufacturers or distributors understand the local marketplace and the opportunities for establishing long term business relationships. ERIC MARTIN INTERNATIONAL - EMI can also prepare marketing plans, and follow-up marketing. Product knowledge training, technical assistance, and servicing for your products can also be provided.
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 Notre Cabinet est spécialisé sur la Corée. L'équipe est formée de Coréens et de Français. Cette spécialisation constitue un gage de la qualité de nos interventions. C'est parce que nous connaissons parfaitement ce pays et son marché que nous pouvons vous aider efficacement à remplir vos objectifs. E.M.I est chargé du développement de plusieurs entreprises françaises en Corée, mais également d'entreprises coréennes en France.  Nous maîtrisons donc les impératifs de développement bilatéraux.
 Nous disposons en outre d'outils puissants et exclusifs dans les deux langues.

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